The Experiment of InsightPractice

Moderator musing 1 (revised): I have always felt that InsightPractice was an experiment in self-moderation.

There are certain characteristic of a large open group that can be taken as given:

  1. The membership will consist for the most part of ordinary people with ordinary human feelings.
  2. The membership would cover a broad range of values, temperaments and communication styles.
  3. There would, therefore, be occasions when conflicts arose among members.

The hope was that people would generally be willing to end conflicts voluntarily with a little help from the official “moderators” and concerned members. That didn’t work out

I therefore reserve the right to take any moderator action available to me. I seldom need to do so, however.

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First Post

Cambodian Monk at Sunset

Welcome! This Blog is designed to provide supplementary materials for the Yahoo! Groups discussion forum, InsightPractice.

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